Who Buys Salvage Cars?

Nov 2, 2020

Why would you buy a salvaged car is perhaps the question that springs to mind? Let’s help you come to a decision with confidence, about what vehicle is right for you. We’ve put together some information about buying a salvaged car and how simple it is to go about doing so. 

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What is a Salvage Car?  

A salvage car is an accident damaged vehicle that has been deemed no longer fit for us on UK roads. Unlike a scrap car, a salvage car, if fixed, could become road legal again and available to be sold as a road worthy car.  

A salvage vehicle can become available to purchase through 2 routes. Salvage vehicles can be delivered directly by insurance companies who deem them to be unfit to return to the road. The second route is delivery from trade buyers who sell on vehicles for repair.  

What Should I Consider Before Buying a Salvage Car?

An accident damaged car in the UK falls into 1 of 4 salvage categories. It’s important to know what category the vehicle you’d like to buy falls into. It’s category will affect insurance and what is possible with regards to the vehicle’s usage once bought. 

Category A (Scrap) – unable to return to the UK roads due to extensive damage. Only suitable for scrap. 

 Category B (Scrap & Salvage) – the vehicle itself may not return to the UK roads but some parts may be salvaged for use in other vehicles that can return to the road.  

Category S (Salvage) – the vehicle is structurally repairable but the owner/insurer has decided not to repair it due to the costs of repair exceeding the value of the vehicle.  

Category N (Salvage) – the vehicle has no damage structurally and can return to the roads with significant other repairs. The insurer/owner has decided not to repair it but the repairs should not exceed the value of the vehicle.  

Why Buy a Salvage Car? 

One of the biggest benefits to buying a salvage car is the price. Salvaged vehicles can offer incredible value for money if the cost of the vehicle and repairs are less than the same vehicle in the used market.  

You can source salvageable parts at affordable prices. Perhaps you’re repairing a vehicle already? Why not source a part from the same or similar model for a fraction of the price of a new part? 

You’ll be able to reap the rewards of standing back and admiring a vehicle dismissed as ‘not worthy’ now being restored to a ‘road worthy’ vehicle for you to enjoy driving.

Can I Buy a Salvage Car at Auction?

Absolutely. Copart offers the largest collection of salvage vehicles in the UK. With a large number sourced directly from top UK insurance companies and stock updated everyday, there’s a huge range available.   




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Browse through the latest collections of accident damaged vehicles and find the salvage vehicle you’re looking for. 

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How Do I Buy a Salvage Car? 

If you’re considering buying a salvage car, Register as a Copart Member and you’ll have access to our extensive range of accident damaged vehicles through our industry-leading online auctions.  

How Do I Sell a Salvage Car? 

CarConverter can help you sell your accident damaged car simply, quickly and easily. Our hassle-free approach means you’ll have a quote within minutes. Once committed, you can either deliver your vehicle to one of the 15 locations in the UK or, CarConverter will collect it straight from your doorstep. Why not sell your accident damaged car now?  

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