How to Maintain a Classic Car

Sep 23, 2020

You’ve saved for years, you’ve done your research, you’ve bought the beauty you’ve coveted for years. Now you’re asking yourself ‘how do I maintain my classic car?’. Classic cars need attention, pampering, a little bit of love, and some serious commitment and dedication.

Let’s take a look at our tips for maintaining your classic car.

1. Hydrate your car. It’s all about the fluids. Oil, water, brake fluid. Most classic car owners are well versed in car maintenance so you will know your way around their fluids. If you’re not, enlist the help of an expert to give you a guided tour.

2. Drive your car. A common mistake made by classic car owners is to ‘rest’ a car during the winter months. This can lead to all sorts of problems such as seals drying up and leaks developing. Take it out for a spin for at least half an hour and let the car get up to temperature. Top tip – make sure you hose down the underneath of the car and wheel arches to get rid of any winter gravel from the roads. If you’re in need of an Axle Stand, Clarke’s 6 Tonne Stand comes highly recommended.

Drive your classic car
Clean your classic car

3. Clean your car. Invest in the right cleaning products. Anything other than proper car cleaning products will strip the wax off the car. Stick to the routine of ‘clean, polish, and wax’. Clean and polish after every drive. Wax every couple of months. The cleaner you keep your car, the longer it’ll last. Classic Car & Sports rate Wowo’s Contact 121 Wax highly. If you’re new to your classic car Sam’s Detailing has a great Sample Kit before committing to the larger bottles.

4. Store your car. Where you store your car can have a prolonged effect on its life. ‘Undercover’ should be thought about carefully. Is there excess moisture in your storage place? This can lead to rust externally and mold internally. Are there windows? Too much sun can cause the paintwork to fade so invest in a breathable cover. It’s recommendable to go for a cover specific to your car. However, Halfords All Season Car Cover comes highly recommended. Top tip – invest in some bungees to keep the cover tight if you don’t have a tailored cover.

Store your classic car
Service your classic car

5. Service your car. If you want to protect your investment, service your car regularly. It will improve reliability. 3000 miles or every 12 months is the general rule of thumb. A specialist classic car service provider is recommended. You can pick their brains and they can pass on their wisdom and advice. However, if you’re servicing it yourself, write down our checklist (see below) so that nothing is forgotten.

Now that your car is in mint condition, get out there, take it for a spin and enjoy it! 

Classic Car Maintenance Checklist  

Follow the checklist below to help keep your vehicle road-ready!

  1. Belts & Hoses – check for leaks, swelling, cracks. Replace anything that looks worn or frayed.
  2. Tyres – inflate to the correct PSI and check for treads.
  3. Oil – change the oil and the filter.
  4. Wires – a hotspot for rodents so check them all.
  5. Battery – take out the cables and give them a clean to dispel any corrosion.
  6. Fluids – oil, water, and brake fluid. Top them all up and look for any potential leaks.
  7. Brakes – give them a pump before going for a spin.
  8. Lights – check all lights, indicators, headlights. You’ll need to enlist a friend to help with this.
  9. Listen – turn on the engine, leave it ticking over and listen to see if anything isn’t sounding how it should.
  10. Clean, Polish & Wax – give your car the shine it deserves.