A Guide to Personalised Number Plates

Nov 12, 2020

How Do I Pick a Personalised Number Plate?

Here are a few tips and tricks for choosing a personalised number plate. 

  • Budget – research different personalised options – the price tag can vary hugely. Number plate dealers such as CarReg and Absolute Reg will allow you to browse options. DVLA personalised number plates that are in high demand could cost up to £150,000!
  • Longevity – chose a plate that you’ll still love in 10 years’ time. Now is the time to chose what you want, something that means something to you. Avoid something that could be considered ‘in trend’. 
  • Phonetics – a clever trick that can look great visually. Use letters instead of numbers to represent either 1 or all of the word itself.
  • Flexibility – personalised number plates are more popular than you might think. Your number 1 choice may be either unavailable or out of your budget. So get creative and have a couple of different choices up your sleeve.
  • Research – it’s important to know there are specific Rules & Regulations for number plates to follow. Plates need to be issued through authorised suppliers and be designed to meet legal requirements.

How Do I Purchase a Personalised Number Plate?

  • Make Your Own – this is the cheapest way and number plates can be issued with a V750 DVLA certificate within a week. Brand new personalised number plates can either be put on the vehicle straight away or kept for up to 10 years on a certificate before making them and putting on the vehicle. 
  • Purchase an Existing Personalised Number Plate – you can purchase your number plate from the DVLA or a dealer. Private plates are sold by the DVLA at auctions across the UK. Auctions are currently online. Find the next upcoming online auction.

How Do I Sell and Transfer a Personalised Number Plate?

The registration of personalised plates is handled by the DVLA. You will need to fill in a V317 form with details of the registration, make, model, and VIN number of the car you want to remove the plate from. Then fill in the details of the car you want to put the registration on.

Find the Perfect Vehicle to Put a Personalised Plate On!

Whether it’s a classic car, salvage vehicle, repossessed car or you’re searching for parts for the perfect car you’re already in possession of, Copart has an extensive collection to choose from. 

If your vehicle is damaged and you’re looking to retain your personalised plates and transfer them to an alternative vehicle, CarConverter can help. There is no better time to sell used vehicles. Find out how easy it is to do so.